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My Darling,

What weather we’re getting the rain today that you’ve been having all week. It’s pouring and looks as though it were never going to stop.

As usual I’m still half asleep- It’s about eleven now. Now where shall I start. Well, yesterday I was very busy getting my room straightened up in the early morn. Well, there was a reason for that. I knew that Hilda + Charlotte were giving me a shower here last night.

Anyhow, in the morning Sis Walter, Ronnie and Murial came up. They are a riot. Mother and I just sat there and the tears rolled down our cheeks. We just laughed + laughed. That family is so crazy. You would have had a wonderful time.

Sis got a rash on her hand (this is a real long story so I’ll condense it) and went to the doctors – He told her to take off her dress. Ronnie asked what she did then.

Sis sad she took it off of course. What did he think she’s do. Ronnie (by the way he’s nice) (in case you forgot) replied he thought she’d slap his face. That kid is so funny. The whole family gets along so well. I’ve never heard Sis really angry in all the 20 years that I’ve known her. You must get to know them after we’re married. Oh, they gave us a $25 war bond for a wedding gift. Our first real one- (the can opener + coffee measurer don’t count).

Good lord! What a mood you were in Wednesday. What a letter! You certainly sounded like the little sunshine boy. I hope not flying doesn’t always do that to you. I’ll write to you later. After reading that I’m not in any mood to write. Anything I say might come out wrong.

Well, listening to the radio for a while helped but not much.

Hilda doesn’t need a date. She’s married in the first place. She’s older. Has a little daughter. Not the same Hilda you were talking about. She has dark hair and was always over here. Her husband’s name is George. The one who always fixes things around here that no one else can. She was at the announcement party. Do you remember her now?

Well, you see, about Charlotte it’s a very complicated story. First of all I stopped working + couldn’t afford the $ for her train fare. She wants to come down. Well, mother + Daddy are happier this way.

Now wait a minute – Judson- I want to get something straightened out with you. There’s a lot of reasons why we can’t get down there by Wednesday. You of all people ought to realize how sick mother is. In the first place- she was absolutely forbidden by her doctor to travel at all. He was furious + said she’d undo all the progress (which wasn’t very much) that he’d made towards helping her. He was going to give her penicillin injections but was afraid they wouldn’t react favorably + she would be worse. He’s finally consented to her going. But the point is that she’s not supposed to be away from him long. That’s why we’re not leaving until Wednesday. I wasn’t going to tell you that at all. If it was up to me we’d be down there now but Christmas, I can’t be that selfish. Look, it’s not a question of a mind of my own. When I wrote you last mother was much better + could have taken the bus but she’s gotten much worse.

I’m sure she couldn’t stand the trop. The jarring of the bus would be too much for her. The train ride would be long enough but that bus takes longer.

I can’t just say I want to do this or that, Judd. There are other people to consider, too. I can’t understand your attitude hope it’s just the mood you were in because it isn’t like you to be so thoughtless.

You should know that I’d be down there as soon as possible because I want to see you but since you’ve taken that attitude I had to tell you why. I really didn’t want to tell you about mother but you made me so mad.

Your letter sure put me in a great mood. You have no idea how much they affect me. It’s awful to look forward to them so and then get one like that. Oh, let’s skip it.

It’s too bad that it wasn’t clear so that you could get those fourteen hours in. Hope it’s clear this week. Since you predicted clear weather for Friday I suppose it snowed or something.

That must have been great- shooting skeet in the rain. Hope you hurry and finish that so your arm gets better. (which arm is sore? right?)

No, honey, you didn’t tell me you heard from your uncle- but mom did.

Well, honey, I hope you’re feeling happier now. I love you so. You’ll have all my love.



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