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[Transcription begins]:

Dearest Judson,

Right now you’re probably out with that WAC. Hope that you’re having a horrible time, honey. Isn’t that nice of me?

Honey, I’m so happy and so in a daze. Golly, (that word again) but golly anyway! That seems to express so much. Anyone who tries to utter anything intelligent to me will be wasting their time. Honestly, I’m just walking around in a complete fog.

After I left you today there wasn’t a train until five twenty five and I just sat in Grand Central looking at a wall & not even knowing what I was doing.

Can you imagine what we’ll be like after we’re married. We’ll probably drive people nuts. I’ll just sit and stare at you. Everyone will have to just ignore us because I probably won’t even realize they’re around.

Oh, Steve must think I’m crazy. I was telling him how everything was all wrong between us (this was after that little talk we [or you] had in the place where we stopped to eat). Now when he hears about what happened after we left him, and he doesn’t know what you had told me before, he’s going to wonder.

Have you told anyone yet? What happened to Tom this weekend? Was his willpower strong?

Honey, you didn’t have a chance to say much. About getting married, I mean. Is it all right with you if we have a double ring ceremony? I would like that, but would you?

It doesn’t seem real to me. Is it really happening? Are you sure you mean it? There are so many things to get settled but I never can think of them when I’m with you. Mother is going to write you a letter sometime. She’s really crazy about you but so am I.

Don’t know where this paper ever came from but there’s a whole box of it.

Please write soon, darling. I miss you already. As soon as you got on that train I got so lonesome.

What are we going to do next weekend? Anything special? We have to have a real long talk, o.k.? We really should start out earlier and then maybe the time wouldn’t go so fast.

I love you, honey—
Lots of love,
[Transcription ends]