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My Darling,

The list came up today as you already know. Gosh I can’t believe I made Lieutenant. 34% of 45-A made F/O here, that’s a little better than 44-K.

I’m C.Q. again today so I’m taking it easy.

Honey, why didn’t you tell me your mother was so sick? I couldn’t understand why you couldn’t get here Wednsday [sic] but now I do, and feel like a heel for the things I said to you. But darling I didn’t know that she was that ill, if I had I would never have asked you to come down in the first place and now that I am pretty sure of getting fifteen days I think we better get married at home.

Darling all I was thinking about was myself, and seeing you a few days sooner. I had no idea what the situation was, and it wasn’t be fair of you not to tell me. It’s my own fault though, I should have known that there was a good reason but I guess I’m just stupid or very selfish.

But honey, I wasn’t being thoughtless I just didn’t know. If your mother makes that trip, and then with all the excitement, there’s no telling what might happen, and I would be responsible for it.

Darling we have to consider others as you said and you’re so right. So I’ll call you tonight and explain. If you had only told me honey. You see,- it will never pay to keep anything from each other, no matter how trivial or important it may seem at the time.

If I seemed thoughtless or selfish darling, it’s only because I love you so much and wanted us to be together sooner, these days away from you are just an existence to me, there’s something missing. And that something is the most important thing in my life, you.

I love you darling and I wouldn’t hurt you or your very sweet mother for anything.

You have all my love-



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