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Hotel Albert

Selma, Ala., March 14, 1945

My darling husband,

It seems impossible that we’re married at last, honey and that we’re really together. Golly, I just woke up again and have been lying here in bed thinking about you and last night.

I wish that you were here now with me- now and every minute of every hour of every day forever. Without you darling I’m just another person. Nothing is the same. Everything is perfect when we’re together but when you go part of me goes too. And I stop really living until you’re here again.

You’ve been gone six hours now darling and already it seems like six years. Of course I’ll be awfully lonesome darling but it won’t be too bad because of those wonderful moments with you honey. I hope you’ll be busy all the time so that you won’t have time to be lonesome and, darling, please don’t worry about me. I’ll be all right. When I finish writing to you, angel, I’m going to the USO to see about a room. It would probably be better to live in a private house but I wouldn’t know where I was anyway. I’ll be living in a dream until you come back again to make it real.

Golly, honey, I miss you something terrific. Here we go again counting the days. It seems as though I just finish counting one set + then start on another. Well, we’re married now. Honey, and you’re a part of me. I love you more + more every second. I never thought people could be in love as much as I am with you, honey. But I’m finding our now- Every minute my love grows stronger.

Oh, honey, I love you so. Whoever would have dreamed it was possible to be so much in love.

Have I told you recently how wonderful you are? There’s a man strolling by in riding britches- maybe I should get dressed real quick and follow him.

Well, anyway, to get back to you again. I wish I could put into words the way I feel towards you but I never could.

By the way how’s your head this morning? Do your eyes still burn darling? I have a hangover too, I guess you’d call it a kinda hangover. It’s the nicest feeling because it’s not from drinking.

Golly, darling, I’m really completely and madly in love. It’s the most wonderful feeling because, oh, I can’t remember what I was going to say. Can’t keep my mind on one thing again.

If the USO doesn’t have anything I’ll try that man that Julie gave me. That sounded as though it might be nice. I do wish there was something real close to the post though, honey. As soon as you come back, honey, try to find out about whether you’re allowed to be out until six or whenever you’re on duty the next morning or just until midnight. I sure hope it’s until whenever you’re on duty.

A private house might have more disadvantages than a hotel honey, for us. We’re so quiet. Just happened to think of that. We make more noise than any five other people and we’d be getting up at the most ungodly hours of the day + night. That’s a minor detail. I’ll see what happens. Things usually settle themselves very nicely for us no matter what we may decide.

We really never should plan things anyway, Judd, they always work out for us the way they want.

You’re really going to be in a wonderful condition when you get back here. P.T. six times a day. You’ll sure be built up again. Be ready for a good tearing down.

Hope that you get a lot of rest and feel good while you’re down there. You could use some sleep for a change. Can’t understand why though, we always go to bed so early- cough, cough.

In a way, darling, I’m glad that I don’t know anybody here except those two girls. I can’t be nice to anyone but you. Besides I’m just reliving every minute since we were married and just reminiscing will keep me plenty busy. Writing to you will take up a lot of my time and I want to get to bed early every night so that I’ll be all rested when you come home. From what those girls said you’ll come back growling. Sounds as though it might be very interesting. Somehow I just can’t imagine Tom or D.A. in that condition- But you, definitely.

How long did the bus take to get down there? When will you be back- that’s the most important thing. On the 31st of March? Morning, noon or night.

This ink + pen just don’t mix. When I go out for breakfast I’ll buy some ink.

Ok, I’ll write to mom for you honey, and mail the marriage certificate and what else. Oh, I can’t- oh, yes send the photographer my address.

Well, honey since I started this there’s been a lapse of a few hours.

Julie called and asked me to go to lunch with her + I stopped at the USO first. They send me to this room. It was very nice but miles from anyplace. Anyway I was just going to tell Julie about it when she told me that this lady who was standing there had a room. This sounds like a good deal. It has a dining nook or something and an ice box so that I can eat breakfast there anyway. Think it has a private entrance but I’m not sure. The bed’s supposed to be very soft. I’m going over to see it in about three quarters of an hour. The other room was nice but it was way off in East Jesus. And we would have gotten lost every night. Besides it would only have been available for three weeks.

Poor Julie I had her walking all over the place. She had about three hours for lunch- she’ll probably get fired.

Did you get back to the post in time this morning? Did they say anything to you, honey, about being out all night? Did you find out about whether you can be off duty I mean off the post while you’re off duty? Sure hope that you can.

Golly, honey, what a beautiful day this has been. What a mood I’m in too. Golly, darling, you should be here now. I wish it was last night again, honey.

I’ll be counting the days until we can be together again. I can imagine how we’ll be after being away from each other for so long.

So far I’ve been pretty busy. These seventeen days won’t be too long, I hope. Everything is so new to me. I’m sure glad that they came now instead of later.

Oh, honey, this place with the kitchenette is $33 a month. That’s almost what we’d pay for a hotel room for one week. Before I mail this letter I’ll put my new address in if I take this place. So far it sounds awfully nice. The other place was only $6 a week but it was so darned far away and we never could have found our way home. I may take the other place but I’d rather take this one. Oh, well, in a little while I’ll be able to see it. She’s resting now- Until five o’clock.

Julie has been real nice. I’m sure getting a taste of southern hospitality. I like Selma a lot. Everyone is so nice.

The ladies at the USO said to come up + talk to them anytime I get lonesome.

I think we’re going to the movies tonight. I’d rather go to sleep but Julie’s mother is having a stork shower + she wants to get out of the house.

What did Tom + D.A. have to say? Any more questions? They’re bother swell fellows + Betty Jo + Julie bother thought they were nice.

Golly, darling, I’m so glad that I have those pictures of you. They’re wonderful. They’re so cute not as handsome as you are [pages missing]

at this hotel that the guests only stay for three days. They’ve been awfully nice to me + said they’d find me a room for as long as I needed to stay here. They’ve thrown everyone else out + they even are trying to help me find a place for when you get back. They all were so nice.

Julie has Tom’s glasses. I’ll mail them to you. And then you can give them to Tom. (Julie just left.

Golly, darling, I’m so sleepy. It’s only 9:30 and it will seem so strange to go to bed + go to sleep + be by myself. I’ll hate it.

Can’t remember whether I gave you my address but it’s

C/o Mrs. J.M. Moseley

107 Lamar Avenue

Selma, Ala.

Golly, honey, it will be so nice to write Mrs. Wm. Judson Clark on the envelope.

Oh, I didn’t write to mom today but I’ll try to tomorrow. I love you so, darling. It was so awful to see other officers walking down the street and know that you wouldn’t be here tonight. Are you coming here on the 31st or leaving there? How long a trip is it?

Gee, honey, I miss you so much- how I ever lived before without you I’ll never know. Oh, honey, I wish that you were here with me now. We’ll almost have been married a month before you get back. Fine thing.

Well, my darling, it’s getting late now and I guess I’d better get to sleep. I can just about keep my eyes open now.

Julie said to say help. She seems to be a good person to know. That gal can get just about everything. I love you so, honey, you know how much I miss you, darling. Every minute we’re apart seems like years.

Honey, try to get a lot of rest and don’t work too hard. You were pretty beat. Some sleep sure will help you.

Well, honey, before I fall asleep I’d better get to bed. It will be so awful without you, Judd.

I’ll be so lonesome. I miss you terribly and can hardly wait to see you again. To be in your arms + to kiss you. That will really be heaven. You’re the most wonderful husband in the world, darling, and I love you more than I could ever begin to tell you.

I hope these seventeen days go fast, darling. I’ll be so lonesome + terribly in love.

You have every bit of my love and I’ll always be-



P.S. I love you so.

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