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A/C Judson Clark
Sqdrn 5 Class 45-A
Cadet Detachment
Stewart Field, N. Y.

Miss Dorothy Six
8 Brookside Ave.
Pelham, 65

[Transcription begins]:


Dearest Dottie,

What a beautiful day this has been. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky all day long. At 10,000’ feet today I could see almost all of Long Island. I’ve never seen it so clear up here.

Tomorrow I’m going to get my 40 hour check. If I pass it I will be through Basic, with nothing but clear sailing until advanced. Where did you go Sunday night to eat? Did you have a good time, honey? Hope you got to bed early.

Steve didn’t see Gini this weekend (I didn’t think he would). He met some girl that he met at a dance here Friday night. He’s got the right idea, the rougher you treat ‘em, the better they love you.

Honey, what kind of engagement ring do you want? Please deide [sic] by next weekend so I can start looking around for one. I can get it through my brother-in-law I think, wholesale. If not I’ll get together with your father.

Did you write Bill yet? I hope he doesn’t take it too hard. From the impression I got of him from you I don’t think he will, though. It’s too bad you couldn’t have seen him before he went overseas. Although maybe it’s good you didn’t, you might have fallen for him again. That would be bad. But no kidding hon, if anything like that ever does happen, I want you to tell me, although I know you would, because that’s the way you are, and I lov [sic] you for it. This is getting much to [sic] serious. Let’s talk about something more cheerful. You for instance. It’s funny the things that make you love a person so much.

Remember Sunday morning how you came downstairs without any shoes on? Man, that cynched [sic] it. When I become president I’m going to prohibit the wearing of shoes by women.

And another thing, I can always tell when you’re happy. You move your head very quickly like a frightened rabbit. Or when you’re thinking hard about something, you get a very blank expression on your face, one that says “watch out brother, I’m thinking again.” You’re always thinking about the damndest [sic] things, too. As I’ve said before, it’s the little things that you love about a person. It’s these little things that make me love you Dottie.

Well darling, I’ve got some [h]omework to do. I think about [y]ou always angel, and miss [y]ou ever so much.

Give my best to [M]a ‘n’ Pa. I love you—

As ever
[Transcription ends]