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Dearest Judson—

Darling, it was so wonderful to see you again yesterday. It seemed years since you were home. In a way I’m glad you had those tours, honey, because it was nice going up to see where you lived. It seemed more like a dream, a very wonderful dream though.

Stewart Field seemed like an awfully nice place. What I could see of it anyway. Oh, we made the 10 o’clock ferry. It was the same kid who drive us out & boy, he really tore down those roads.

Have you heard about whether you’re going to get home Wednesday night?

Honey, it always amazes me more every weekend how I can love you more. I’m absolutely sure that I can’t be any more in love with you but every weekend it just gets worse. I told you this last night, too but there’s another thing that never ceases to amaze me is that every time I’m with you I find something else about you that is wonderful.

You’re so right when you said it’s the little things that make you love someone. Like last night the way you looked down at me when you finished playing & said & said “like it.” Just those two words. Ah, love.

What would you like for Christmas, hon? A pen & pencil set but that’s not exactly what I wanted to give you. That’s so practical. Can’t you think of something impractical.

Honey, please try to get Steve to come down with you this weekend and go out with Woody. He’ll really have a good time. Oh by the way is there any chance of your getting a carton of Philip Morris soon?

Honey, I love you so. All the way home, I just sat and day dreamed. Before I forget, what did you dream Saturday night? That aroused my curiosity. What were you doing in that dream? huh?

Oh, when we were riding back on the ferry, Gini & I, we were talking about how wonderful you & Steve were. So she or I, I forget got around to when did you propose and I told her it was that night we went to the Meadow brook. She said that Steve had proposed ten minutes ago & that he said it was just because their financial conditions were so low that they were waiting til after the war. Maybe Steve wasn’t kidding when he said maybe he loved her. Don’t know.

Gini seems to think that he’s real serious but I don’t. Of course, it’s none of my business but she really thinks he’s sincere. It seems that he’s proposed several times before.

Honey, March seems so far way. Every time I count the months it doesn’t seem to be getting any nearer. Oh, Jackie is all right & she’s getting married on the 29th. She’s so lucky. But I’d much rather wait & be marrying you than anyone in the world.

Everything’s been happening around here. What a weekend everyone’s had. Golly—Corinne’s husband is coming home tomorrow & golly she’s so excited. Jackie’s getting married in nine days. Ginny (another one—who’s really “Irish”—she lives in Larchmont). She’s going out with her boyfriend’s twin brother & is all excited about that. Something happens to everybody at once.

Well, darling, I’ll write tonight when I get home. I love you very much. Golly, I wish I could tell you how very much.

All my love,
[Transcription ends]