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My Darling,

Mail call at last! Oh honey it was so swell to get those letters from you at last. They were wonderful darling. You write a swell letter, you just said exactly what I wanted to hear angel. Honey you think you’re lucky, I’m the luckiest guy in the world. Darling you were a wonderful fiancée, but you’re a much more wonderful wife. Every night I thank God for you and your love.

Honey I miss you so much, those letters just made me miss you more, you’re so sweet darling, I wonder if I’ll ever be able to tell you how much I love you. You’re part of me and of my life now, I feel so much better now that we’re married, and there’s only a week to go and I promise you we’ll be together every possible minute we can darling.

When I’m away from you I’m not at ease. Here always seems to be something missing. It’s so hard to describe that feeling, but it’s awful, and my Juda’s Priest I’m never going to have it again as long as I’m in this country if I can help it. I guess you could compare it to trying to paint a sunset in black and white. You’d have a pretty picture no doubt, but there would be something missing. That something would be color, beauty, and life itself, and without them the picture is meaningless and dull.

Darling I love you so much that sometimes it hurts, I never thought I’d ever love anyone that way.

Well today I got loads of mail. I’m sending you the ones that were intended for you or should I say us, seein’ as I opened them, but they were for us.

Oh, the pictures came, and honey, they’re wonderful. You look marvelous in all of them. Always remember to hold your head up when you’re photographed. Gosh they’re swell honey. I hope you like them. I’ll try to send the [sic] to you if I can get an envelope. If I can’t you’ll have to wait until I get home.

You sure have been busy baby, those people must be swell I’m glad you have met so many. I want to meet them too, darling, en. blondes you say?

I’ve got so many questions to answer, but I guess I’ve answered most of them. But there’s one I want to answer again if I already have:-

No honey I’m more sure now than I ever was that we haven’t made a mistake. In fat those few days proved to me more so, so much more so that we haven’t. Honey those “little complications” you spoke of weren’t our fault. We were just very disappointed about me having to live on the post and going to gunnery, and your condition, and – well, just circumstances. They were purely natural I think. I’ve never given it a second though. I hope you haven’t.

If I stay in Selma I think we’ll get an apartment darling. I don’t think much of the idea of you living in one room flats, and I’d like it much better too. Then at least we could sort of have our own home. I mean place to live and we’d be alone too. I think we’d be thrown out of a rooming house anyhow, but quick.

I flew again today fired only 200 rounds and scored seven hits. I told it was luck yesterday. Well anyhow I was highest in our flight, counting yesterday’s scores. But don’t go telling everybody that bow. I’ve still got 1400 rounds to go. This stuff is really hard too, I think I’ve shot my highest score. I wish I could see you this weekend. We’re not flying Sunday but they’ve got something planned for us at the main field. But I saw the C.O. again today and if we didn’t have to do anything I could have gone. Oh well only about a week darling and I’m growling already, must be suffering from that well known oriental disease “Lak-a-nookie.” Seems to be an epidemic down here.

The pictures are really wonderful darling. We’ll have some more made when I get back. The colored ones will be here soon he said.

It’s getting late again beautiful, time to hit the sack. I love you angel. Gosh honey, I love you over so much, I wish I could tell you.

I miss you terribly I hope this time goes fast.

So until next Sunday angel I send you all my love and devotion and remain, always,

Your devoted husband


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