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Miss Dorothy Six
NEW YORK 18, N. Y.

A/C Judson Clark
Sqdrn. 5, Class 45-A
Cadet Detachment
Stewart Field, New York


Dearest Judson—

Honey, I’m so sorry that the last letter was so short. I was so tired last night. What a dream I had. All about Jackie & the fellow she was married to and the rest of the models. There was so much confusion about getting to that wedding. Jackie really looked lovely she was so happy.

It was a queer wedding though—Jackie was so nonchant [sicsic] & laughing. That’s something I don’t think I’ll do. Golly, honey, I kept wishing you were there.

Wonder what our wedding will be like, hon. Golly, March seems so far away. It’s awful. March is so far or have I said that a few thousand times. It seems even farther because there isn’t any definite date—I can’t count the weeks or day—just months.

Tonight the fellow’s going to take the pictures again. Hope they’re better this time. Golly, honey, it seems as though everyone should know by now that we’re getting engaged.

Corinne is saying how wonderful Dick is. She thinks he’s a perfect husband & I think you’ll be much better than he. We have long discussions on how good a husband our various friend[s] would be. You’ll be better than any of them.

I hope that I’ll be home when you call tonight. It’s going to be very confusing because I’m not sure what time he’ll be through taking those pictures. Well, honey, please call me Friday if you get home, don’t forget. That would be wonderful.

Well, honey, time out for lunch now. I’ll write more when I get home—I mean back here from lunch—I love you….

Hi, honey, well, I’m back from lunch. What an hour that was. Just after I had finished my shopping & was going back to work I passed some perfume in Macy’s that mother loves. Well, I got her a large bottle of the stuff, personally I think it’s awful but she likes it. Just as I was leaving the counter the bag broke or something and the bottle of perfume crashed to the floor. I thought that maybe it hadn’t broken but when I picked it up, it poured out of the box. What a mess. Anyway, I couldn’t find any wastebasket to throw it in so it got all over my clothes & umbrella and my boots & hands. Now I can still smell the stuff & it’s awful. No one will come near me. I washed & washed but the water just makes the perfume come out more.

Well, honey, maybe I’ll see you tomorrow night. It would be so nice to have you come home for a whole day for a change. I love you so, darling. You’re so sweet & thoughtful all the time. Golly, honey, I miss you so.

Well, honey, I can’t write any more now. I’ll try to write when I get home but I don’t know if I’ll be able to. I have a sore throat now & a terrific headache from that blasted perfume.

Please write soon, darling. I love you so.

All my love,
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