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Tuesday night


My beloved,

Today I received your letter of 9/24. Uncle Sam’s postal system has really “done right by me” lately. I’m glad to hear you have rec’d some of my letters & hope that you will continue to get them regularly. Throw away all the letters I forward you. I have already read & answered them.

Rec’d a letter from Sylvia Hirshfield today & she said she would write you very shortly. She asked for Cap’t Shaw and sends her regards. Her hubby and she just don’t seem to “hit it off.” Too bad!

Tomorrow I’m taking the day off & shall clean up a few things such as sending you Coronet plus wrapping your camera for mailing. Thought I’d wait until I could get film f[o]r it—127; but, as yet, I have been unsuccessfull [sic]. So—very shortly, I’ll send you the camera & hope to be able to send you films later!

We still don’t know if & when Mort will be in. Seems he just isn’t even sure of getting a leave! That would really hurt Mom, but she’ll take it in her stride as she has done other things!

I shall eventually have to get around to seeing your folks again—however, I am terrifically busy getting settled with my job & volunteer work and getting the 3rd floor fixed up.

Can’t find a pencil to match this pen—nuts! Can’t get our Xmas cards made upon our idea, so I’m settling for same as last year & using a snapshot we took in New Orleans. That’s the best one we have of the two of us. Also, had the big camera repaired—hinges fixed for 50¢.

Oh yes—shall write to Bulova about your watch tomorrow.

Had my USO interview today—she was impressed with my pin, but still they have too many volunteers here, & she didn’t think my name could come up before Nov. They have absolutely no need for Sanf—she claims the servicemen would resent him in a way. I agree. Sooo—I haven’t talked to Sanf yet, but I’m going to do settlement work in the evenings.

I adore you sweetheard & can’t bear to think your bed is cold at night—this weather is meant for the two of us to be together! But—any weather is meant for that!

Hope another San Antonio, Texas incident isn’t taking place for many instead of one?? Gosh, that can shatter morale!

Regards to Shaw, Shelton, etc.

All my love all ways and always,


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