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This evening I thought I would write you a lengthy letter, but I started “fixing up” an old scrapbook, which I had, with pictures dating from 1924 – 1938 & forgot all about the time. Forgive me, dearest?—I’ll make it up tomorrow.

I received 4 V-mail letters from you today. The last one was dated “10/19/44 at sea.” I’m looking forward to receiving your “air mails” shortly!

In answer to the queries contained in your V-mails, as soon as you start receiving my mail, you’ll find the answers!

I’ll send you some “clippings” on the fire! I don’t believe I know how to really describe the tragedy. We had 2 children out of nursery school because of the disaster.

Had this afternoon off. Shopped for a few things in town, but, spent a great deal of my time in the library looking up plays for my dramatics group on Fri. night. Since I’m home, I’ve rummaged our house for “The Education of Hyman Kaplan,” in play form & I can’t find it. Nuts!!

Fixed an avocado cocktail for Uk’s, Mom’s & my dinner this evening. It was enjoyed by all!!

Aunt Sadie met your Mom & Sophie in town today. You know, your Mom & my aunt “hit it off” as they both console each other as martyrs!

Ukie got a letter and a very cute snapshot from Fred today. He is a darling boy!

Oh yes—I spoke to Amy today—she’s leaving for Des Moines, Iowa for a few days & when she comes back, we’ll get together again!

Called Crile Hospital to see if some servicemen wouldn’t like Thanksgiving at the house. Special Service informed me that most of the boys are from northern Ohio & would therefore go home on a pass during the holidays. Also, the boys prefer big affairs to small ones, because they feel very self-conscious in a small group. This has discouraged me, but nevertheless, I’ll try to have Amy get some WACs & maybe we could interest some of the boys in a picnic! Anyhow, it’s worth a try!

I adore you, my sweetheart, & so awfully glad to hear that you feel the same way!

Bubsie, Dr. Fuerst told Mom that the use of Benzenderine may cause a weak heart; but I still intend to see Dr. Seigel & if he says “okay” I’ll try it. Sidney Hill is quite expensive & they say that you leave there with a tremendous appetite & of course my appetite has made me what I am.

It’s midnite so I think I’ll say “good-night” my love—I’ll see you in my dreams.

Ever & Ever,


P. S.—I’m not quizzing you on anything—I know you’ll write what you can & May.


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