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20 October 1944

Still Off the shores of England

My most precious darling,

Still taking life easy. Swell accomodations [sic] Excellent U. S. Navy food and a good library of books. Golly, I wonder how Mort stands this day in & day out?

I’m expecting a load of mail when I reach our destination. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed, sweetheart.

Here are some additional observations of England. The women are beginning to take a more increasingly [sic] interest in government. There are many English girls here married and some engaged to American soldiers. I feel sorry for the ones that are “engaged” since I think they are being given the “business” in more than one way. After the war many of the people want to emigrate to New Zealand and Australia. The English people in general have changed their attitudes toward Russia and feel that they want to learn more about Russia. Here’s a remark that I heard which tells more than appears on the surface. A 14 yr. old boy told his mother “Mother,” he said, “if the birth rate continues in England (the greatest in 19 years) America will need only to send over uniforms should we be engaged in another war.”

Darling, if our sons have to enter the military service they are going into the Navy. For my part it has it over the Army, particularly in the officer ranks.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. Just finished “The Curtain Rises” by Quentin Reynolds. Superior reading.

The naval officers on the ship have been kidding us and telling us that we ought to collect sea pay for being with them so long.

Another point I forgot to mention was the role of bicycles in England. It’s amazing to see men and women who look at least 60 or 70 years of age ride their bicycles up and down the countryside. In U. S. these same persons would be ready for the rocking chair.

Sweetheart, your charm has permeated England. In the very few times that I have had to visit English towns and speak to people, I have raved about the wonderful qualities of my adorable wife. Be it England, France, India, China or the States, I shall always declare my overwhelming love for you. And let me tell you that covers an awful lot of territory.

Until the next letter your loving husband


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