Financials Sector Intraday Volatility Characteristics in the Emerging Turkish Economy

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market microstructure; accentuated volatility; market efficiency; emerging markets; financials sector

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The Financials sector in the Turkish economy has grown at a tremendous rate over the last 35 years. The liberalization and the opening of the economy to international and foreign investors in the 1990s, and the overhaul of the structure of the Turkish banking system with numerous reforms after the economic crisis in the beginning of the 2000s have strengthened the sector. The purpose of this study is to examine the volatility characteristics of the sector in recent years. Using intraday data, the efficiency of the Financials sector and the five sub-sectors (Banking, Insurance, Financial Factoring, Investments, Real Estate) are examined. The impacts of global, regional, and domestic events are analyzed. Public policy decisions of financial regulators to accommodate the changing economic and political conditions are investigated, as is the efficacy of such decisions.