WWII;William P. Grace

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16 December 1943

Dear Friends,

Received your Christmas package and am enjoying it to the utmost. It does one's heart good to know his old friends back home are thinking of him. It really builds up a fellow's morale and spurs him on to greater things so that we all will be together once again as soon as possible.

I am getting quite an education out of my time in the service. I have met some mighty fine people from all parts of the country, and also have had the opportunity to see things that I wouldn't have seen possibly for some time to come. All in all I am enjoying my "cruise" in the Navy.

I am stationed in Boston at present so my new address is:

William P. Grace, Y2c, USNR
Room 1217
150 Causeway Street
Boston, Massachusetts

When I read your letter recently it enlightened me as to the whereabouts of my past classmates. That is something else that you deserve a medal for because by doing this for us we can keep in touch with all the other fellows who are in the service. If a fellow in the States appreciates it just imagine how a fellow who is stationed in some remote part of the world must. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again for the gift and the letters. You are helping this war effort immeasurably by your work and everybody really appreciates it.

Here's wishing you the best of luck in your work.

Bill Grace
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