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[Transcription begins]
M/Sgt. Nathaniel Guy
Hq. 15th Army Sp. [indecipherable]
c/o Postmaster N Y
August 15, 1943

Mr. Gardner Jacobs
Bryant College
Providence R. I.,
U. S. A.

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

Hope this letter finds you and your staff in the finest of health. I am no longer with II[?] Corps as you can readily see on my address. However I am still with my old boss who was given the assignment as Finance Officer here and brought me along with him. My work is very satisfying and tell Prof. Vinal that I’m very glad that I paid close attention to his lectures. Censorship regulations make it quite difficult to write an informative letter but I’ll certainly have many, many yarns to spin when I return. I received mail from Carlos last week, and at the time of his letter he was in the finals of some tennis tournament in Panama. When you are in New Bedford give my folks a buzz on the telephone as I know they would enjoy hearing from you. Please [ignore?] the lack of paragraphing but line space forces me to use but on paragraph for my letters. Give my regards to Mr. Allen, Profs. Richards, Vinal, [indecipherable], Appleby, your [indecipherable] friend of course.

Good Bye.
Sincerely yours,
[Transcription ends]