WWII;Arnold H. Hallem

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March 26, 1943

Dear Friends:

Sure was glad to hear from you all again. Very little has happened since I have last written. Things go along from day to day with little change. I keep busy working most of the time so that time passes very quickly. Glad to hear that the stars on the Service flag are growing.

Those two new programs which you speak of sure sound like the real thing. I know if I were back in Bryant I sure would like to attend something like that.

It sure will be warm working through the month of August won’t it, Oh Well!, I’m sure everyone won’t mind when they realize that there are so many hardships that some of the men are going through.

I guess that there must be quite a shortage of automobiles on the roads, it sure must be a pleasure to be able to go to the city and cross Weybosset or Westminster Streets without fear of getting runned [sic] over.

Here the weather remains about the same all year round. In fact my nose has been sunburned since February. And flowers grow all year around.

We have plenty of pineapples and sugarcane so there is no worry of becomming [sic] a lot of old sourpusses….

Well I guess that is about all except to say that let’s all hope for a quick Victory----

Yours as always,
Arnold Hallem
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