Logan Paul

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Deluga, Ron


Body Image; Female Student Athletes; Social Media


Bryant University

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The purpose of this study is to describe self-image (body image) perceptions of female, Division I student athletes and discover how photo centric social media platforms and the frequency of their use may shape these perceptions. Body image is a complex phenomenon influenced by many factors including peers, parents, coaches, and social constructs. In the general population, data has shown that media messages play a powerful role in shaping perceived self-image and body satisfaction. Body image may not match the actual body and the athlete may strive more often to achieve a body ideal. It is hypothesized that female athletes may be under the same cultural pressures as other women to weigh less even though female athletes want and need to be stronger. Although social media and photo centric media have been shown to influence young adult behavior, this project aims to discover whether there is an association between how a female athlete perceives her body image and how the use of social media may play some role in this.