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First Faculty Advisor

Segovis, James


Bryant Honor Students, Multidimensional Resilience, Grit


Bryant University


College level honors programs are continuously working towards improvement of their programs and working towards improving the college experience for their students. Apart from recognition and developing a positive reputation for the university, the goals for these selective academic programs include better serving their students from both academic and professional perspectives, as well encouraging and increasing program completion retention rates. There are various ways of testing students to assess their mindset and personal drive as well as gauge the possibility of students graduating with successful completion of their Capstone project or thesis in their senior year. To better understand how retention can be predicted among a university’s top performers, this research presents a study of the concept of resilience in Bryant University’s honors students. A statistical analysis was conducted of survey results supplemented by qualitative research information along with a survey of alumni honors students. The results of this research will help to guide the future actions of the honors program at Bryant University in its efforts to attain higher retention rates of its students.