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First Faculty Advisor

Perullo, Alex


Small Group Dynamics, Introvert/Extrovert, IDEA Program, Leadership Style, Creativity


Bryant University


The purpose of my Capstone was to look at small group dynamics and the factors that have a profound impact upon them. I used Bryant University’s IDEA Program as the template for my project for, and arena from which I collected my research. The IDEA Program is a three-day ideation and innovation program that all first-year students are required to participate in. I observed, filmed and questioned twenty-five of the first-year students participating in the program. After my research and analysis, I found that there were four factors that greatly influenced the dynamics of a small group, as well as its overall success. Those four factors include leadership style, the ability to play to the strengths of others, comfort with creativity and the detrimental effect of minimal contributors on the group.