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Julie Volkman

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Theresa Hasseler


Adderall; illicit Adderall; college experience


Bryant University

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Illicit Adderall use has long been acknowledged by the media. Despite its acknowledgement, students are still facing the challenges that come with illicit Adderall. The objective of this study is to allow students to express their own thoughts and opinions regarding illicit Adderall use and to broaden the types of experiences that are being reported. Interviews were conducted with seven college-aged students from a small university in Rhode Island. Three females and four males, 100% identifying as white, were asked a series of semi-structured interview questions. Interviews were conducted anonymously and held via Zoom on a private, password-protected computer. Interviews were recorded, transcribed, and thematically analyzed using Grounded Theory. The qualitative data gathered in this study allowed for a better understanding of the college students’ experience with illicit Adderall. Interviews revealed the need for further research regarding illicit Adderall use on Bryant University’s campus. Suggestions for improvements in Bryant University’s handling of illicit Adderall use will be discussed throughout the research paper.

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