Document Type


First Faculty Advisor

Notorantonio, Elaine M.


Customer; Relationship; Marketing; Facebook; Advertisement;


Bryant University


Facebook provides an avenue for companies to connect with consumers in new ways. Since so many tools for communication are available on the site, it can be difficult for a company to focus its marketing efforts. This study examines how consumers respond to Facebook Advertisements and company pages on Facebook in order to determine where companies should allocate their resources on the social networking site. Specifically, it explores consumer click-through rates on Facebook Ads, as well as consumer perception of various Facebook promotional tools. The methodology includes traditional research in the form of a literature review, as well as focus groups and surveys of Bryant University students. Ultimately, the findings show that Facebook is an effective medium for conducting Customer Relationship Marketing, as consumers respond much more positively to company Facebook Pages than to Facebook Ads. The results of this project will assist companies in their use of Facebook as a promotional tool for Customer Relationship Marketing by providing insights on how these tools are perceived by college students.