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Boyer, Stefanie


Direct Selling; Technology


Bryant University

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Traditional direct selling has undergone a dramatic transformation as new technology, products, and methods have developed over the last few years. The industry has adapted to these advancements in order to stay relevant in today’s changing market place. In some ways, these technological advancements have created opportunities, though some believe the essence of direct selling is now at risk. There has been little research in the field of direct selling and even less on the impact technological advances have on the industry or players involved. The purpose of this research is to uncover how the development of technology and social selling have changed the direct selling industry, specifically, how the traditional direct selling experience has changed for distributors (those that sell the product) and customers. The research explores executive and distributor perceptions of technology enhancement and hindrance to their business. Research findings set a foundation for future studies regarding technology utilization, future implementation and current perceptions within the direct selling field.