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LinkedIn ; engagement ; pandemic ; posts


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This paper will examine the effects that the pandemic COVID-19 has on the social media platform LinkedIn. It will detail the ways that LinkedIn has changed and shifted since the virus became a widespread challenge for the entire country. The paper will look at LinkedIn activity during 2020 of various users, highlighting the factors of the top five posts with the highest engagement. The specific LinkedIn users that will be looked at will be sales recruiters, and the success of their posts will be measured by engagement levels (number of likes and comments). It will look for any patterns during this time and will focus on five sales recruiters. The hypothesis is that COVID-19 will have had tremendous effects on the activity on LinkedIn and overall engagement will increase throughout the duration of the pandemic. This is because it is estimated that due to physical restrictions on people and companies, social media will be an important tool for engagement in 2020, and firms will be utilizing LinkedIn a lot more during the pandemic. It is also hypothesized that posts with pictures and a high number of mentions and hashtags will have higher engagement than posts with a lower number of mentions and hashtags.

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