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Marketing ; Consumer Behavior ; Elaboration Likelihood Model ; Value Co-Creation


Bryant University

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Purpose: Co-creation is increasingly used by companies as a method of improving the overall value of a product or service offering. The purpose of this paper is to explore determinants of customer value in relation to customer value co-creation in the context of an online purchase decision.

Objective: Evaluate the impact of Elaboration Likelihood on the desire to co-create a product and the attractiveness of the product based on different contextual modifiers to the online purchase and co-creation decision. Methodology: In order to understand determinants of the value of a co-creation experience, an online purchase process was simulated for participants, with manipulations regarding the price, difficulty of assembly instructions, and presence of an add-on option for a paid assembly service.

Results: Price and assembly instructions were both confirmed as contextual modifiers to the elaboration likelihood model within the context of e-commerce decisions. Positive perceptions of instruction complexity and the presence of assembly add-ons were both confirmed to be outcomes of elaboration likelihood.

Discussion: The results of the study support existing literature on price and the elaboration likelihood model as well as expanding on its academic reach. Two major implications for e-commerce firms that feature products that require assembly are discussed in relation to the new findings.

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