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First Faculty Advisor

Dr. Stefanie Boyer


Sustainability; Sports Marketing; Leadership

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The goal of this research-based thesis was to uncover the prominent methods of connecting with fans and recognizing preferences of marketing messages to see if sustainable marketing will increase engagement on game-day or have a neutral impact. Research was conducted through an analysis of case studies from the perspective of teams, athletes, and venues. A survey was distributed to analyze fan behaviors related to the importance of sustainability, engagement preferences with marketing messages and overall impact of the sports space as a platform for sustainable messages. Survey results of sports fans showed that the connection with their favorite teams and athletes is a guiding factor behind the decision to engage with specific marketing messages. A fan will engage with a marketing message if it allows them to feel closer to team goals and missions. These findings conclude that sustainable marketing is best received when it is subconsciously integrated into the game-day experience at the athlete and team levels.