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First Faculty Advisor

Kacy Kim

Second Faculty Advisor

Ganga Hewage


price transparency; disclosure level; attribution theory; signaling theory; country of origin


Bryant University

Rights Management



There is an abundance of research that analyzes country of origin (COO) and its effect on consumer behavior; however, many of these studies are in relation to products unrelated to fashion. In addition, there are a plethora of studies that discuss price transparency and product transparency. Though, most of this research is also unrelated to the fashion industry. There is also a significant lack of COO studies in relation with price and product transparency. This current study aims to focus on developing new methods of marketing in congruence with COO and fashion products. Utilizing a between-subjects experimental design, 2 (country of origin: Italy vs. China) x 2 (price: high vs. low) x 2 (disclosure: high vs. low). I will analyze the effectiveness of COO in relation to price and product transparency, and disclosure level.