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First Faculty Advisor

Notorantonio, Elaine M.

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Yoon, Sukki


Perceived; credibility; product; placement; magazines; marketing; advertising; brand;


Bryant University


This study explores the perceived credibility of brand mention in magazine editorials compared to advertorials and traditional paid advertisements. Surveys were administered to three groups of college students after viewing an editorial, an advertorial or a paid advertisement. Respondents were asked to identify their level of agreement regarding credibility, likeability and perceived selling intent of the content.

Results indicate that advertorials are perceived to be less credible than editorials and traditional paid advertisements. Traditional paid advertisements are perceived to be the most credible method of brand mention in magazines. It can also be determined as a result of this study that there is a slight difference in perceived credibility between males and females, most specifically in regards to the characteristics of attractiveness and likeability, objectiveness, and motivation for purchases.