Bryant University Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies


This paper explains how the implementation of renewable energy is a favorable energy choice and explores the growing trend of investing in a green economy. The report begins by providing some context as to what renewable energy is and explains why it is a favorable energy choice. The first section outlines the energy industry and deciphers between the two forms of energy currently making up the sector. Breaking up the industry into two separate sectors, being renewable energy and nonrenewable energy, provides an understanding on which form is currently dominating the market. Moreover, the outline describes the concept of investing in a green economy and illustrates an emerging trend that suggests a continuation of growth. Next, we analyze the three key drivers responsible for the expansion of this industry, further explaining why this sector is a smart investment and seeing significant growth. We provide a complete overview of both energy sectors and create an overall investment thesis and provide a portfolio analysis of a fund currently investing in renewables. The section concludes with a report on the analysis’ results and findings, confirming or disproving the created investment thesis. The paper then explores the advantages of implementing renewable energy on a college campus and describes why a college campus is a suitable venue to utilize this energy. Specifically, the section will look into three New England universities that have already begun making the transition to renewable energy. To conclude, the final section includes a case study that analyzes Bryant University's current sustainability efforts, as well as the potential for implementing on-campus renewable energy sources.