Bryant University Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies


Since the beginning of the industrial age, people have been leaving a significant footprint on the Earth's environment. Currently, the environment has become a notable issue all over the world. Many countries, institutions, and people, in general, have taken steps toward slowing down the effect we are leaving on Earth. In this research paper, we are researching national trends of sustainability and a specific institution, Bryant University, overtime Bryant University has developed many integrated methods of sustainability. Various methods of sustainability are explored throughout the text. Bryant's sustainability efforts can be reviewed and monitored, with methods such as Life-Cycle Assessments, Food and Waste Management strategies, composting, and through the exploration of sustainability practices at other institutions. With a campus-like Bryant playing a large sustainable role, in turn, it can create more jobs that focus on environmentally safe-production and consumption. These opportunities show a possible change in the way humans have been leaving their footprint on Earth.