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Sights and Sounds: Connecting Visual Arts and Music, 4


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Welcome to the online experience of “Sights and Sounds: Music and Visual Arts Don’t Have to be Separate”. The mission of this exhibit is to bring visual artists and musical artists together by presenting them with the fact that the two make up a whole that is greater than their individual parts. Everybody in this world has an innate desire to experience things that are visually appealing and audibly appealing to them, but it is not common to get the chance to experience both at the same time. Our hope is that die-hard artists and non-artists alike will experience this exhibit and gain a better understanding of the essential and beautiful relationship between sights and sounds.

Now, presenting this exhibit online is not how we’d like to have it, but we’ll make it work. When you enter the exhibit, you’ll receive an email with some audio tracks. The visual pieces and audio tracks will have numbers that correspond to one another. Open up the audio track and minimize the pop-up so that you can take in the art work while you enjoy the short audio experience. We encourage you to contemplate how each work makes you feel, and how the audio adds to your sensory experience. If you have troubles or questions during the experience, feel free to reach out by email to thahn@bryant.edu. Someone will assist you. Lastly, there is a participatory element to the exhibit. If you would like to participate you may request to do so, and you will be sent another audio file. Open it up, listen to it, and create a piece of visual art on your own that you think best matches the emotion that the music brings to you. Let the sounds tell your hands what to do. Think of a place you’ve been or an experience you’ve had that makes you feel the same way that the music does. We really would love to see what you create! Thank you for stopping in, and enjoy the experience.


LCS 440: Arts and Entertainment: Issues in Arts Administration

First Faculty Advisor

Joan Zaretti, PhD

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