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The mission of The Choata Mandir Museum is to embrace the aesthetic quality in Hindu art while bringing peace an offering to anyone who visits. We respect the viewpoints of all religions while guiding artistic appreciation through Hindu religion.

“Lord Buddha is a prince, and he was my favorite prince to worship when I was a child. Buddha is one of the most famous lords in the world, even in common American culture.

My sisters and I would follow the many teaching of Buddha and take time in our daily life to reflect with Buddha to become better Hindus. I particularly loved Buddha’s teaching of selflessness and can remember fighting with my older sisters about who was the most selfless! Not very selfless.

Some of Buddha’s other common teaching’s say: No Killing. No Stealing. No Lying. Have a Clear Mind. Respect the Life you are Given. Respect the Pure Nature.”

- Mona Kajiji Kilcoyne | Indian Immigrant to America


LCS 440: Arts and Entertainment: Issues in Arts Administration

First Faculty Advisor

Joan Zaretti, PhD

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