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This soundscape activity is going to give you an experience of a typical afternoon in the hustling streets of Mumbai. I live on the 18th floor of an apartment building in a suburb called Versova. One may think that staying at a higher floor would mean that there would be less sound, but in reality sound travels up through the building and you can hear everything. Since I could not go out of the house I walked around in my balcony which faces the ocean and right under is the main street, this is what I could hear. As soon as stepped out from the sound proof widows and into the balcony, the first thing I could hear is the constant sounds of the waves crashing against the beach and then it pulling itself back into the ocean. I noticed that the wave had an metrical rhythm as there was a constant repetition in the pattern of the sounds. The pitch of the waves was a medium pitch but leaning towards the lower side. As soon as the waves hit the beach the timbre is something like a roar of the surf, and when it pulls back in it sounds fuzzy.


LCS 280: Introduction to World Music

First Faculty Advisor

Joan Zaretti, PhD