Bryant University Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies


Mind and Body

This piece focuses on the connection of the mind and body. Neither is separate and both affect each other. Physical health can affect your mental health and vice versa, as the body is a connected system inside and out. As someone who suffers from chronic physical pains as well as diagnosed anxiety that feels like an unbearable mental pain, this artwork incases the feeling of being overloaded by the painful sensations. Sometimes, a bad mental state can cause physical damage and bad physical health can negatively affect your mental health. With that, I have learned that when trying to heal, you must focus not only one the physical aspect, but healing your mind as well.

When dealing with such extreme pains that can often present a challenge in life, I have learned that it is okay to reach to others for help. This is portrayed in the black shadow figure that is lifting the person in pain up. This shadow symbolizes family, friends, and others who are always there to help support me when I need it.

The blue color was used throughout this piece to represent a sadness that comes with pain. When the mind is hurting, it feels like the worst kind of pain, which is why the head has the darkest blue. This darkness fades into a lighter blue in order to show the hope of healing as your mind and body work together, and you lean on people around you for help. There are different symbols throughout the piece. In the body, there are pain points represented by the star like shapes. These areas are all the places I feel physical pain. The head has different symbols, that show the mind can experience pain that is different, yet similar.


Day of Understanding 2021