Banneker Industries, Inc.

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Published in Operations and Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, volume 2 issue 3, 2009. Users may access this article here.


Operations and Supply Chain Management

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Operations and Supply Chain Management: An International Journal


The case details the quality-minded management style that was used to transform a failing machine shop into an innovative company whose core strengths focus on the strategic sourcing of supply chain management (SCM) services. Banneker Industries is a minority and woman-owned company that has received dozens of awards for their leadership and abilities as a dynamic supply chain service provider. As Banneker’s list of value added services grew, so did their customer bases and revenue from those customers. But, as their relationship and amount of business with their leading (and mentoring) customer grew, Banneker was increasingly concerned that they were getting too dependent on them. In order to position themselves for growth through larger contracts and new customers, Banneker is considering joining forces with three other minority owned businesses in order to collectively add value to larger contracts. In addition to this collaboration, Banneker is considering plans to open satellite warehouses throughout the United States using a business model that has both profit and not-for-profit goals. A vibrant and thriving culture exists at Banneker and there are concerns that growth may moderate the Team Banneker spirit and work ethic.