Blockchain Impacts on Global Supply Chain Operational and Managerial Business Value Processes

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blockchain; global supply chain management; performance measurement; radiofrequency identification; standards organizations

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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IEEE Engineering Management Review

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The purpose of this article is to investigate the impact of blockchain on global supply chain operational and managerial processes. This article reviews and classifies the existing empirical evidence of blockchain applications in the global suppbly chain. We utilize the Mooney et al. framework to organize this evidence into operational and managerial business value processes and the effects—automational, informational, and transformational. Our findings indicate that blockchain is not following the Mooney et al. stage model proposed in 1996 since the empirical evidence is evenly spread between the three effect categories. In addition, we have identified possible reasons why blockchain is not following the Mooney et al. stage model. Our study concludes with nine propositions as a guide on how to facilitate blockchain deployment and future research. Limitations of this article concerning blockchain are the lack of consistency and understanding of standards and the lack of information on blockchain implementation, which is referred to as the “grey space.” Blockchain today is where radio-frequency identification (RFID) was in 2002 and the bar code was in 1980. Therefore, future research work could be expanded to investigate case studies of blockchain implementations as they become available across the global supply chain. For practitioners, the empirical evidence presented in this article can help identify applications and implementation steps for building the business case where blockchain can have a greater impact on the organization. This article fills a void in the literature by providing practitioners and academics with a better understanding of blockchain and its applications for implementation.