Conducting a Market Opportunity Analysis for Air Cargo Operations

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Published by American Society of Transportation & Logistics Inc. in Transportation Journal, volume 42 issue 4, 2003. Bryant users may access this article here.


American Society of Transportation & Logistics Inc.

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Transportation Journal


The use of air as the mode of choice to ship cargo has increased over the past several years. However, freight forwarders believe the means for handling this freight at large domestic airports is lacking. Thus, small and mid-size airports have an opportunity to enter or expand operations in the air cargo market. A market opportunity analysis (MOA) is a process used by companies to determine the feasibility of entering or expanding operations in particular markets for goods and/or services. This process can be applied to air cargo operations to determine the feasibility of airport entry or expansion into the air cargo market. Conducting an MOA will not only help airports judge their capabilities to pursue increased air cargo operations, but also equip them with the information needed to successfully attract and serve customers and outperform competitors. The entire transportation industry (i.e., all modes) could benefit from this process. This article describes the MOA process and how it was applied through a case study of air cargo operations at one small city airport. Implications and guidelines for transportation are provided.