The Rise of Embedded Analytics: Empowering Manufacturing and Service Industry With Big Data

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Book Chapter


business intelligence; embedded analytics

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IGI Global

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Applying Business Intelligence Initiatives in Healthcare and Organizational Settings


The internet revolution, cloud computing, and the evolution to self-service analytics have all contributed to the changing dimensions of business intelligence. To compete effectively in a digitally driven world, business leaders must understand and address the critical shifts taking place in the field of analytics, and how these shifts impact their overall strategy. The key objective of this chapter is to propose a conceptual model for successful implementation of embedded analytics in organizations. This chapter also covers some of the potential benefits of analytics, explores the changing dimensions of analytics, and provides a guide to some of the opportunities that are available for using embedded analytics in business. Furthermore, this study reviews key attributes of a successful modern analytics platform and illustrates how to overcome some of the key challenges of incorporating embedded analytics into an analytic strategy in business. Finally, this study highlights successful implementation of analytics solutions in manufacturing and service industry.