Manuscripts from 2005

Encouraging Customer Adoption of Self-Service Technologies: Put a Little Fun in Their Lives, James M. Curran

Manuscripts from 2004

Examining Student Reactions to Class Experiences: An Analysis Using Structural Equation Modeling , James M. Curran

Manuscripts from 2002

Sales Forecast in a Personal Selling Intensive Industry: An Empirical Analysis of the Repeat Purchase Diffusion Model, Alphonso Ogbuehi, Franklin Carter, and Carol M. Motley

Manuscripts from 2001

Intentions to Use Technology-Based Customer Interfaces in Service Delivery, James M. Curran

Reconceptualizing Trust: An Evolutionary Process Model, James M. Curran

Understanding Consumer Attitudes Toward Technologies Used for Service Delivery: An Examination of Influential Factors, James M. Curran

Coming to Terms with Industry-Sponsored Public Policy Research: A Case Study Involving Controversial Issues in Tobacco Advertising, Keith B. Murray

Manuscripts from 2000

A Reexamination of the Determinants of Patient Satisfaction with Health Care Service Encounters, James M. Curran

Make Corporate Social Responsibility Make Marketing Management Sense, Keith B. Murray