World War II;Timothy J. McCarthy

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Army Radio School
2205 Farnum St.
Omaha, Neb.
cl. 19 a
Feb. 8, 1943

Dear Chairman,

I’m sorry I have delayed so long in acknowledging the nice gift you sent me. However, it was swell & the candy was delicious. I want to thank the Bryant Service Club for remembering me. It brought back memories of the many good times I had while I was going to Bryant.

At present I am studying to be teletype opperator [sic] & it is quite easy. I have four weeks more & then I can be shipped anywhere so I will drop you a card with my new address on it.

Again I want to thank you & the students of Bryant.

Sincerely yours,
Pvt. Tim J. McCarthy

P.S. Omaha is a swell city & if you should ever travel in the Midwest you might spend a few hours here. You will enjoy it for everything is swell.
T. M.
[Transcription ends]