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July 17, 1943

Dear Chairman,

Well, I finally am going to thank you for your last gift of cigarettes. I am sorry that I have delayed so long, but with moving stations and all that, it slipped my mind. Speaking of the cigarettes, they were swell and thanks a lot. They are one thing that really comes in useful in the army for you seem to smoke just as many as you can get your hands on.

Since the last time I wrote you, I have moved from Reno to Fresno, Calif. and all I can say is “this California Sunshine”. It is really hot. The average temperature around here in the daytime is about 115. I imagine that it will not be bad when we get used to it, but getting used to it is not very easy.

I was glad to receive the list of the boys from the class of 1941 who are in the service. Just reading over the names seemed to bring back memories of all the good times we had together. It also brought one bit of sad news when it mentioned Johnny Hulls’ death. He was really a great guy and a lot of fun.

Well, I am running out of words now, so I am forced to sign off, but again, I want to thank you and all the members of the Bryant Service Club for the gift you have sent me and for all the gifts you have sent in the past.


Timothy J. McCarthy

887th Sig. Co. Dep. Avn.

ASC STC, BTC #8, Fairgrounds,

Fresno, California

[Transcription ends]