World War II;England

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Sgt. Wm. McCaughey
Hq. S.O.S. A.M.
A.P.O. #871, N.Y.C.
March 31, 1943

Bryant College Ser. Club
Bryant College
Hope Street
Providence, R.I.

Dear Bryant Service Club:

Just a few lines to let you know that I am still stationed here in England and have been for almost nine months. We were one of the first contingents to arrive in England proper but now, I guess, the Americans are spread out just about everywhere.

The war seems to be affecting the College in a number of ways- the faculty, the courses, and the students. It seems just like yesterday that I too was cramming for finals on a hot, sultry, day. Now some how, I wish, like thousands of others that I could be back again enjoying life as a civilian.

Really though in my little over a year in the Army I have had a number of very enjoyable and some unforgettable experiences; fortunately none of mine can compare with that of some of the boys.

Hoping to hear from you again.

Bill McCaughey

P.S.- One [?][?] [Transcription ends]