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Aug 2 1943

Bryant College Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Sir:

I have just received your last letter dated May 30, 1943. It finally caught up with me after going through Pittsburg, Pa., Nashville, Tenn., and Maxwell Field, Alabama.

I really do appreciate the list of Bryant men now in the service. You’d be surprised how much a fella wonders about the whereabouts of his classmates. If at all possible I may try to meet some of the boys. By the way, I received a tin of cigarettes from you some time ago while I was at Maxwell Field…I did acknowledge receipt of the tin, but evidently the letter never reached you. Thanks again.

As for myself…I have just started my primary flight training. It’s a swell outfit and we are having a good time learning to fly. Our ship is a Stearman P T 17. It’s really a sweet ship and handles like a baby. Right now I am looking ahead to my first solo flight, which should come soon. Of course we are all looking ahead to the day when we get those shiny silver wings.

Again may I express my sincere thanks.

Yours truly
Harry A. Melkonian ‘40
aviation cadet

55th Flying Training Detachment
Bennettsville, South Carolina [Transcription ends]