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World War II;Michael Lada

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Class 42 – J.
Aviation Cadet Section
Army Basic Flying School
Greenville, Miss.

July 31, 1942

Bryant College Service Club,

I don’t know exactly at whom I should direct my thanks for the very thoughtful gift I received the other day, so I’ll just say thanks a million.

My roommates, with whom I shared my package, now wish they had gone to Bryant.

I sure was glad to receive a copy of “On the Campus.” And that Greek Letter Dance--boy, wouldn’t I like to take that in? But I guess I’ll have to wait until we beat the beans out of these “slant-eyes.”

Right now I’d like [to] add the B.C.S.C. onto my list. (I’m going to bring down a “Zero” for every name on my list--so help me!)

I’d like to talk like this for hours, but it will be “taps” in about 15 minutes. I’d like to hear more of the “goings on” at Bryant.

Mike Lada
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