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Cadillac 8310


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Detroit 1. Michigan

13 Jan. 1944

Bryant Service Club:

It was with a great deal of pleasure that I received your box of Christmas candy. The sight of the package alone jumped my memory back two and one-half years to the time when Nick C. and Miss Blaney started the B.S.C. We have come a long way since then and so have you, for Bryant College and its Service Club will long be remembered by all Bryant Alumnus in the service for the work they are now doing.

Detroit isn't the worst place in the world, by far, but the longing to see old friends and school-mates is pretty strong after a couple of years. I had the good fortune a few months ago of meeting Irving Knight ('42) while he was stationed here in Detroit. Our last meeting had been at graduation exercises, August 7, 1942, so we had plenty of pre and post-graduate doings to talk about. Our reunion was short lived, however, when Irving began his long trip to India where he is now stationed.

Thanking you again for your Christmas kindness. I remain,

Sincerely yours,
Cpl. Evald Nilsson 31228637
Detroit Ordnance District
1832 National Bank Bldg.
Detroit, 32, Michigan
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