WWII;Eugene K. Schmidt

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March 28, ‘43

Dear Bryant Service Club,

About two weeks ago I received a package from you consisting of cigarettes. I not only want to tell you I received them, but want you to know how thankful I am for them.

I have often thought about Bryant and my days there. Only yesterday I received a card from a Bryant classmate who has just moved from Texas, to Alabama. Here at camp in the same Battery is another, Bob Reich, and before long I expect to bump into many more.

Last week I received your very interesting letter. It makes me wish I was at Bryant, if only for an hour, so I could read some of the letters from my classmates. They must be very interesting.

The outfit I am with is an automatic weapons unit. Used primarily against dive bombers and low flying planes. And secondarily as anti-tank. Our chief weapon is the Boefors 40 m/m, and next, the .50 cal. machine gun. It is very interesting and facinating [sic] at times being in anti aircraft work, and most of the fellows here, including myself, are hoping to be sent across soon.

On the way to Texas we came through Chicago, and then south. It was a very interesting trip seeing things we had read about, but had never seen, and the same in Texas. On field problems we see something new, and have to feel ignorant while a Texan tells us about it, but it is interesting to find out.

When we first arrived in Texas we felt pretty good at being here, but after three months everyone seems to think New England is all right.

Pvt. Eugene K. Schmidt
Bryant 1941
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