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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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21 Mar 45

Dear Folks,

We seem to be busy again at the office so I don’t have much time to write there nowadays. They transferred Ida from the File Section to the Message Center so Minnie & I have to do her work.

Marj & I had a quiet restful weekend in Macon. We stayed at the Georgian Hotel this time. A quieter street than that on which the Dempsey is located. We slept Sat afternoon, Sat evening & Sunday morning until 12 noon! Then ate breakfast & went to church. We took a long walk before dinner and then had a short nap before checking out of the room. We went out to Warner Robins & had supper at a small drug store there; then went to the movies. We saw “Sunday Dinner for a Soldier” good movie but the sound apparatus was on the bum and half of it was silent! –


Monday the Glee Club recorded its 3 pieces. Two of them were very good and the other was terrible. I’m hoping that we can each get one of the records to keep but I don’t know whether it will be possible or not.

Thurs AM

I intended to finish this last night but when I got home from the beauty parlor I found that Drake had turned off the light & gone to bed so I decided not to wake her up and crawled into bed myself. –

This week was very very warm but yesterday & today have been very very cold. I took a hot water bottle to bed with me last night and still slept cold. Nevertheless I don’t believe the cold spell will last so will you please send me my bathing suit. Sis, do you still have those blue rubber bathing shoes? If so may I have them?


We did get reservations for Atlanta for Easter week-end. In fact we wrote 4 hotels hoping one of them would have a room and lo and behold all four sent us reservations so I have found one group to take one of them off my hands but guess I have to cancel the other two. Marj & I decided to take the Piedmont one as we like it there and feel more at home than going to one where we’ve never stayed.

Must stop now

Love to all


P.S. I’m glad the jersey fitted – I sure wish I could see him in it.

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