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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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25 Aug 45

9.30 A.M. Sat

Dear Folks,

Another quiet day but I have to work all day as I had Tuesday afternoon off. Grande is on pass and Bonnie on furlough so Rush and I are here alone to do the typing and filing. As there is very little work so far I guess even so we’ll have time on our hands.

Every evening has been busy this week. Wed I went swimming at the YW. Thurs. evening I went swimming at Lakeside. Mary Vryens and Brownie Nolen and I and Mary’s Date in Mary’s car. It certainly seemed good to go in a car somewhere instead of a bus. It was so restful. Last night, I went to the library and then to see Deanna Durbin in “Lady on a Train” which is a good murder story. She does sing three songs very be[a]utifully but very out of place.

Haven’t any plans for tonight and tomorrow yet but hope to get away from camp somewhere.

I’m going to try to get a three-day pass the first of the month and go to the seashore. Thought I’d wait till this hot spell was over.

I’ve started studying my Chemistry again, Dad, but it certainly is a hard correspondence course. I’d like to finish it so I could take something else. I don’t want to quit on it if I can help it. So long as I can spend a few hours each day in the office on it, it shouldn’t be too bad, should it!!

Well, there is a little more work, I guess I’d better stop now and do it.

Love to all


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