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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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14 Sep. 1945

Dear Folks,

I guess the last time I wrote was when I was in the hotel at Warm Springs Sunday.

We had a nice dinner there although it took us over two hours the service was so slow. From Warm Springs we went to Columbus, Georgia and then out to Ft Benning. That is a very interesting old post with permanent brick buildings attractively arranged on the Main Post plus miles and miles of temporary buildings and firing ranges.

This week has gone very quickly. It is much cooler which makes me feel better – the heat was really getting me down.

I worked Wed PM as C.Q. and had yesterday afternoon off. It rained the first of the afternoon and I took a nap – then Cook & I went to town and did some shopping, came back to the NCO Club for supper and went to #3 Theater to see “The Men in her Diary” – It’s very very amusing – Also this week – I have seen “The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry” and “Three Strangers” neither of which were very good.

Our 1st Sgt, Marion Ryan, leaves tomorrow to be 1st Sgt of a WAC Det. at Washington D.C. It looks like a nice break for her. There have been no other orders recently so the rest of us are still wondering what will become of us.

I shall be sending home a box of things in about 3 weeks. – Some of it will be salvage material I’ve picked up and am reallly not suppose to have – but – everyone is getting what they can!! – Just keep any GI stuff out of sight until I get home! (Unless Bob can use some of it) – It is only an old Field Jacket & a couple of shirts anyway.

Wasn’t that a good picture of the Columbia St Church and of the Ministers in last (Monday or Tuesday’s) paper? –

I see also that Barbara Seavey has been discharged and is going to teach in Rhode Island. I don’t know what I’d do without the Bangor Daily News!



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