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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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10 Oct 45

10.30 PM

Dear Folks,

Taking the CQ’s place in the orderly room for a few minutes so’ll [so I’ll] have time to write just a short note.

Marj and I went to Macon this afternoon and just got back. We shopped some and of all things I found some Christmas presents for the kids and couldn’t resist buying them!!! It’s pretty early but I figured I’d better get them while I saw them.

We went to see G.I. Joe, Ernie Pyle’s story. Very realistic, but of course unpleasant.

I sent another box of things home – use what you want but I think there is little but my clothes in it. Later I shall send a box marked Xmas packages which you can leave unopened till I get home I guess. I won’t send it for a few weeks probably anyway. I’ll also have at least one more box of books and clothes but I shan’t send them until I’m ready to move.

It seems queer with people leaving all the time. Something like the Junior year at school with the Seniors leaving!! One of our girls who got out in June couldn’t stay away and has been down here visiting for the past two weeks, -- living in the barracks and even helping at her old job in the office. Seems almost unbelievable but tis true!!!

I’m still as vague as ever as to what I want to do when I get out. I wrote Simmons Library School and got a catalogue – Could do that next year maybe if I could find someway to live on fifty dollars a month. Tuition would be covered OK.

Have thought seriously of Civil Service because of its comparative security but really I still want a business of my own and probably will never be really content until I get one of some sort.

Still no news as to where these WACs will be sent from here. The waiting is getting rather bad. We keep hearing rumors that within a few days or weeks we will be shipping but nobody knows, of course, anything definite yet. If the WACs are shipped before the middle of November, we don’t know whether those of us who will be eligible for discharge soon will be shipped or not. I rather hope we are just to see something else for a change.

The CQ is coming back so will close this now.



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