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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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28 Oct 45

10.30 P.M.

Dear Folks,

Have had a beautiful day – The weather was wonderful – sunny & warm – Woke up about 9 and read in bed till 1.30 – Had nice fried chicken dinner in the Mess Hall at 2 and then went for a long walk in the woods with Marjorie, Minnie and a couple others. We were out all the afternoon – and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We even found some Pecans to eat.

I am sending my tennis racket and the flat iron & a few other things – (in two boxes) by Railway Express tomorrow; They’ll come COD. I hope they won’t be too much. I’m too broke to send any money for them until Wed. payday! –

The way the work is going I doubt if I get out much before the first of January, but I’m still hoping to get out near the first of December.

Isn’t Bob’s job just the thing? I can’t think of any that would be better for him.

You’ll miss them all, I know. – but I’ll be home soon so you won’t be quite so lonesome.

This is a hasty letter – there really is very little new this week.



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