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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Sunday, Jun 18th

9.30 PM [1944]

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia letterhead

Camp Wheeler,

Dear Folks,

I finally got a chance to mail the card I wrote in Plainfield when I arrived in Atlanta! I made such good connections I didn’t have time until then. I had quite a trip down. I didn’t sleep any Wednesday night except for short five minute naps, so had to take a nap Thursday afternoon. Aren’t those youngsters adorable? Mother, you ought to see Bobby get around now. He hitches himself all over the house. I never saw anything like it. It was so funny. He is such a good natured baby.

I left at 7.15 AM. Got the train at Plainfield at 7.28. Rode from Plainfield to Elizabeth with Phil Friend! Imagine meeting anyone familiar way off there, changed trains at Elizabeth for Newark. Left Newark for Washington at 8.45 AM. Comfortable trip that far. Had just time (1.00 PM) to catch the Atlanta train. I got into a[n] air-conditioned coach but that was the only good feature. It was so crowded that there were at least 30 people more than seats in each coach. The boys were sitting everywhere – on top of the water cooler, on each shelf of the baggage compartment and in the cupboard above the baggage compartment and on suitcases and barracks bags all up the aisles. The seats in both the men’s room and the ladies’ room were full. – I sat on my suitcase until 4.00 AM when I finally got a seat. We arrived at Atlanta 8.30 AM. Took train for Macon at 10.15 AM. Spent time in between eating breakfast and walking around the business section. Got to Macon at 1.15 PM – ate dinner in Macon, went shopping and bought me a pair of blue shorts. Got out to camp about 3.30 PM. It was so good to see everyone, but it is even hotter than when I left. Marjorie & I went to the movies to see Mark Twain last night. Very good picture based on Mark Twain’s life. Today I have washed & ironed, and loafed around. We had a swell picnic tonight. Fifteen of us including Capt. Stokes & Lt. Duvall took sandwiches & salad & cookies out in the woods back of the barracks. We stayed out until 9.00 PM talking & singing. One of the girls had a ukelele. Lots of fun. Not too buggy.

Lt. Duvall is being transferred to Fort Knox, Kentucky and is leaving tomorrow. We are sorry to have her go and are wondering who the new lieutenant will be and what she will be like.

Not any other changes. Things seem just as usual. Almost as if I had never been home. It seems almost a dream!

I certainly couldn’t have had a better furlough. Thanks for everything.

I have put the Bar Harbor picture on the ledge and am sitting facing it. It makes me cooler just to look at it.

Love to all


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